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Food + Fun + Fire = Fall Cookout

We are excited to have these 6 outstanding jumpers representing  the Indy Air Bears in this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Congratulations to Allison, Morgan, Katie, Elise, Grace  and Eric for being selected to perform with J.U M.P. Jumpers United for Macy's Parade.

We are very proud of our Air Bears that have been asked to be instructors at several jump rope camps!​​

2018 Summer Camp Staff in Germany!

​Grace and Katie

It's that time again!

We were honored to have Rowdie, the Indianapolis Indians mascot, jump at our practice today (1/15/2015).  He came to film a video for the Indians website and Facebook to promote physical fitness in the off season.  Ella, Isabella, and Sam even had a jumping contest with him!   Rowdie did well (in spite of his big feet) but Sam was the eventual winner.  Katie, Grace, Elise, and Allison also did some double Dutch jumping with Rowdie. We can't wait to see the video...stay tuned and we will post it on our Facebook page later this month.

2018 AMJRF Camp Staff:  Pirate Allison, Pirate Denver, and Pirate Elise!  

2018 Jammin Jumpers Workshop : Emily and Denver

2018 World Jump Rope Camp Staff:  Eric, Taylor, Meghan, Denver, Grace, Elise, Allison, and Katie

JWTS 2018: Eric, Allison, Elise, Meghan, Katie, Grace, and Denver

in case you missed it...

2017 Mason Jump with the Stars Workshop: Elise, Katie, Morgan, Allison, Grace, Dante, Denver, Lilith, Eric, and Taylor