junior division

 2-Wheel ---  Blake and Bella


 ​2nd Place  
 DD Single --- Katie, Allison, and Taylor


 2 Wheel Freestyle --- Blake and Bella
 Pairs Freestyle --- Bella and Abby

junior division

Blake & Isabella - 2-wheel freestyle
Denver & Kyleigh - 2-wheel freestyle
Blake, Emily, Sarrah & Isabella - team freestyle

Blake & Emily - pairs freestyle
Denver & Kyleigh - pairs freestyle
Kole, Morgan, Kynlie, Gabby - Double Dutch pairs freestyle
Morgan, Gabby, Kynlie, Neely - team freestyle
Meghan, Aliya, Denver, Kyleigh - team freestyle

Dante & Morgan - pairs freestyle
Kole & Dante - pairs double unders
Emily, Blake & Isabella - Double Dutch single freestyle
Meghan, Aliya, Denver, & Kyleigh - Double Dutch pairs freestyle​

grand worlds

1st- Hannah, Hailey, Mallory, Jessica, & Caitlyn - Double Dutch Triad
1st- Caitlyn & Mallory - 2-wheel freestyle
2nd- Hannah & Hailey - 2-wheel freestyle
4th- Eric & Dante - 2-wheel freestyle
4th- Hannah, Jessica, Mallory, & Hailey - team freestyle
6th - Kyleigh & Denver - pairs freestyle

senior division

​Caitlyn & Mallory - 2-wheel freestyle
Hannah, Mallory, Caitlyn, & Hailey - Double Dutch pairs freestyle
Hannah, Hailey, Mallory & Jessica - team freestyle
Hannah, Hailey, Mallory, Jessica, & Caitlyn - Double Dutch triad​

Dante & Eric - 2-wheel freestyle

Eric, Kole, & Dante - Double Dutch single freestyle​

Indy Air Bears Results


 Pairs Freestyle --- Emily and Blake
 Pairs Freestyle --- Eric and Taylor
 2-Wheel --- Elise and Grace
 DD Single --- Gabby, Emily, and                              Blake
 DD Single --- Eric, Elise, and                                 Grace
 Team Freestyle --- Katie, Morgan,                              Allison, and Lilith




2017 World jump rope


2015 Pan american jump rope competition

orlando, Florida

 Speed Relay --- Dante, Grace, Elise, and                                Allison
 DD Speed Relay --- Dante, Allison, and                                         Katie
 Triple unders --- Eric
 DD Pairs Speed --- Elise, Katie, Allison,                                         and Grace
 Pairs Freestyle --- Meghan and Kristen
 Pairs Freestyle  --- Grace and Elise
 2-Wheel --- Denver and Kristen
 2-Wheel --- Cayley and Gabby P
 Team Freestyle --- Aliya, Denver, Kyleigh,                                     and Kristen
 DD Single --- Aliya, Denver, and Kristen
 DD Single --- Dante, Allison, and Katie
 DD Pairs --- Meghan, Emily, Gabby, and                              Blake

 Team Freestyle --- Ella, Evelyn,   Phelan, and Jaylyn



 Double Under Pairs --Dante and                                        Allison
 Pairs Freestyle --- Dante  and                                        Elise
 2-Wheel --- Emily and  Gabby

DD Triad --- Katie, Allison, Elise,                      Morgan, and Grace

2018 World Jump Rope

Orlando, Florida

  Pairs Double Unders --- Emily and Blake

 3rd Place  
 Pairs Freestyle --- Eric and Taylor

2019 AMJRF Nationals

Raleigh, NC

 30 sec speed --- Eric
 Pairs double unders --- Denver and Kyleigh
 Pairs double unders --- Dante and Grace
 DD speed relay --- Eric, Grace and Elise
 Single Freestyle --- Dante  
 Pairs Freestyle --- Cayley and Gabby P
 2-Wheel --- Morgan and Kynlie
 2-Wheel --- Katie and Grace
 DD pairs freestyle --- Aliya. Denver, Cayley,                                    and Kristen



2014 world jump rope competition

orlando, florida

world jump rope grand champions


 2-Wheel --- Bella and Blake
 Pairs Freestyle --- Elise and Grace
 DD Single --- Kristen, Denver, and                                  Morgan
 DD Single --- Katie, Taylor, and Allison
 DD Pairs --- Katie, Allison, Grace, and                          Elise
 DD Triad --- Katie, Allison, Grace, Elise,                         and Morgan

 30 sec speed --- Dante
 Pairs Double Unders --- Elise and Allison
 Triple Unders --- Dante
 3 min speed --- Dante
 Single Freestyle --- Elise  
 Pairs Freestyle --- Dante and Morgan
 2-Wheel --- Allison and Elise
 Team Freestyle --- Meghan, Emily, Gabby,                                  and Blake
 Team Freestyle --- Elise, Grace, Allsion,                                       and Katie
 DD Single --- Eric, Grace, and Elise
 DD Pairs --- Elise, Grace, Allison, and Katie
 DD Triad --- Elise, Grace, Allison, Katie,                                  and Morgan

          Gold                                                                         Silver                                                   Bronze

    Elise & Grace - Pairs Freestyle                                         Elise & Grace - Wheel Freestyle                  Allison, Grace, Katie, & Morgan - Team Freestyle

    Elise, Allison, Grace & Katie - DD Pairs    

    Elise, Allison, Grace, Katie, & Morgan - DD Triad Female

    Eric, Denver, Meghan, Aliya, & Blake - DD Triad Mixed

                                                Grand Championship

1st Place - Elise, Eric, & Grace - Double Dutch Single

1st Place - Elise, Allison, Grace, Katie & Morgan - Double Dutch Triad Female

1st Place - Eric, Denver, Meghan, Aliya, & Blake - Double Dutch Triad Mixed

3rd Place - Elise, Allison, Grace, & Katie - Double Dutch Pairs

grand pan american champions

Junior division

 1st Place  
 Pairs Freestyle --- Elise and Grace
 DD Single --- Elise, Eric, and Grace
 DD Pairs ---  Katie, Elise, Allison, and Grace
 DD Triad --- Katie, Elise, Allison, Grace, and                         Morgan

2019 World Jump Rope

​Oslo, Norway

senior division

  3rd Place  
 3 min speed  --- Dante 
 Pairs Double Unders ---  Elise and Allison
 Pairs Double Unders ---  Dante and Grace
 Pairs Freestyle ---  Elise and Grace
 Team Freestyle ---  Denver, Kristen,                                               Kyleigh,  and Aliya

  Pairs Freestyle --- Emily and Blake


senior division

 DD Triad --- Blake, Meghan,   Denver, Kristen, and Eric

2-Wheel -- Dante and Eric​ 


  1st Place  
 2-Wheel Freestyle --- Elise and Allison
 2-Wheel Freestyle --- Dante and Eric
 Team Freestyle --- Elise, Allison, Grace,                                       and Katie
 DD Pairs ---  Elise, Allison, Grace, and Katie
 DD Triad --- Elise, Allison, Grace, Katie,                              and Morgan

​​2016 Pan american jump rope competition

orlando, florida

Speed Relay ---  Dante, Grace, Allison,                              and  Ashley
2-Wheel --- Dante and Eric
Team Freestyle --- Gabby,  Emily,                                       Blake, and Meghan
Team Freestyle ---  Dante, Eric, Elise,                                   and Grace
Team Freestyle ---  Morgan, Allison,                                     Katie, and Taylor
DD Pairs ---   Grace, Allison, Katie,                                and Elise

Senior division

  2nd Place  
 Triple Unders --- Dante
 Pairs Freestyle --- Cayley and Gabby P
 Pairs Freestyle  --- Morgan and Dante
 DD Single  --- Eric, Grace, and Elise

Welcome To The Home Of The Indy Air Bears

junior division

Blake - Single Freestyle

Blake and Emily - Pairs Freestyle

Blake and Isabella - 2 Wheel

Blake - 30 Second Speed

Blake, Emily, Meghan, Kynlie - Team Freestyle

Blake and Emily - Pairs Double Unders

Blake, Emily, Meghan, Kynlie - Double Dutch Single

 1st Place  
 Team Freestyle --- Morgan, Katie, Allison,                                          Taylor

 2nd Place  
 2-Wheel --- Dante and Eric
 Team Freestyle --- Dante, Eric, Elise, and                                          Grace

 3rd Place  
 Double Unders --- Allison and Dante
 DD Single --- Allison, Katie, and Dante
 DD Triad --- Katie, Allison, Grace, Elise, and                             Morgan

 Pairs Freestyle -- Emily and Blake
 DD Single --- Dante, Katie, and                             Allison
 DD Pairs --- Meghan, Blake,                               Gabby, and Emily
DD Pairs ---  Dante, Denver,                                 Morgan, and Eric



senior division

Dante and Allison - Pairs Double Unders​

Elise and Grace - Pairs Double Unders

Austin, Grace, Allison, Katie - Speed Relay

Eric and Kole - Pairs Freestyle

Grace and Elise - Pairs Freestyle

Eric and Dante - 2 Wheel

Elise, Allison, Dante - Double Dutch Single

Aliya, Denver, Gabby P, Cayley - Team Freestyle

Mallory, Jessica, Taylor - Double Dutch Single

Grace, Elise, Allison, Katie - Double Dutch Pairs


​Dante and Morgan - Pairs Freestyle
Aliya and Kristen - Pairs Freestyle
Austin, Katie, Morgan - Double Dutch Singles
Dante, Morgan, Eric, Elise - Team Freestyle
Aliya, Kristen, Denver, Cayley - Double Dutch Pairs
Katie, Elise, Allison, Grace - Double Dutch Pairs Speed

​​Dante, Mallory, Elise, Taylor - Speed Relay
Aliya, Morgan, Denver, Kole - Speed Relay
Cayley and Gabby P. - Pairs Freestyle
Elise and Allison - 2-Wheel
Mallory and Jessica - 2-Wheel
Aliya, Denver. Kristen - Double Dutch Singles

Katie and Austin - Pairs Double Unders

grand Pan american

2nd - Mallory and Taylor - Pairs Double Unders

2nd - Elise, Dante, Mallory, Taylor - Speed Relay

3rd - Elise - Single Freestyle

1st - Dante and Morgan - Pairs Freestyle

3rd - Grace and Elise - Pairs Freestyle

1st - Elise, Eric, Dante, Morgan - Team Freestyle

2nd - Blake, Emily, Meghan, Kynlie - Team Freestyle

2nd - Mallory, Jessica, Allison, Taylor - Team Freestyle

2nd - Denver, Kristen, Aliya - Double Dutch Single

2nd - Denver, Kristen, Aliya, Cayley - Double Dutch Pairs

              Gold                                                                           Silver                                                      Bronze

          Sophia - Single Freestyle                                                                 Phelan - Single Freestyle                                                      Bria - Single Freestyle

          Phelan & Ella F - Pairs Freestyle                                                     Ella B, Evelyn, Bria, & Phelan - Speed Relay                

          Bria & Sophia - Pairs Freestyle          

          Ella B, Evelyn, Phelan & Ella F - Team Freestyle                             

          Claire, Sophia, Sonora, & Ella F - DD Pairs                    

                                                                                  Grand Championships

                                 4th Place - Bria & Sophia - Pairs Freestyle                            6th Place - Ella B, Evelyn, Phelan, & Ella F - Team Freestyle