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Pan American jumprope championship awards 2016

Grand pan american awards

pan american  medalists

senior division

Dante and Allison - Pairs Double Unders​

Elise and Grace - Pairs Double Unders

Austin, Grace, Allison, Katie - Speed Relay

Eric and Kole - Pairs Freestyle

Grace and Elise - Pairs Freestyle

Eric and Dante - 2 Wheel

Elise, Allison, Dante - Double Dutch Single

Aliya, Denver, Gabby P, Cayley - Team Freestyle

Mallory, Jessica, Taylor - Double Dutch Single

Grace, Elise, Allison, Katie - Double Dutch Pairs


​Dante and Morgan - Pairs Freestyle
Aliya and Kristen - Pairs Freestyle
Austin, Katie, Morgan - Double Dutch Singles
Dante, Morgan, Eric, Elise - Team Freestyle
Aliya, Kristen, Denver, Cayley - Double Dutch Pairs
Katie, Elise, Allison, Grace - Double Dutch Pairs Speed

​​Dante, Mallory, Elise, Taylor - Speed Relay
Aliya, Morgan, Denver, Kole - Speed Relay
Cayley and Gabby P. - Pairs Freestyle
Elise and Allison - 2-Wheel
Mallory and Jessica - 2-Wheel
Aliya, Denver. Kristen - Double Dutch Singles

Katie and Austin - Pairs Double Unders

junior division

Blake - Single Freestyle

Blake and Emily - Pairs Freestyle

Blake and Isabella - 2 Wheel

Blake - 30 Second Speed

Blake, Emily, Meghan, Kynlie - Team Freestyle

Blake and Emily - Pairs Double Unders

Blake, Emily, Meghan, Kynlie - Double Dutch Single

grand Pan american

2nd - Mallory and Taylor - Pairs Double Unders

2nd - Elise, Dante, Mallory, Taylor - Speed Relay

3rd - Elise - Single Freestyle

1st - Dante and Morgan - Pairs Freestyle

3rd - Grace and Elise - Pairs Freestyle

1st - Elise, Eric, Dante, Morgan - Team Freestyle

2nd - Blake, Emily, Meghan, Kynlie - Team Freestyle

2nd - Mallory, Jessica, Allison, Taylor - Team Freestyle

2nd - Denver, Kristen, Aliya - Double Dutch Single

2nd - Denver, Kristen, Aliya, Cayley - Double Dutch Pairs

taylor, jessica, allison, mallory

kynlie, meghan, emily, blake

dante, eric, morgan, elise

Cayley, denver, aliya, kristen

1st and 2nd team freestyle - Grand pan american awards

Pan American jumprope championship awards 2015

junior division

Blake & Isabella - 2-wheel freestyle
Denver & Kyleigh - 2-wheel freestyle
Blake, Emily, Sarrah & Isabella - team freestyle

Blake & Emily - pairs freestyle
Denver & Kyleigh - pairs freestyle
Kole, Morgan, Kynlie, Gabby - Double Dutch pairs freestyle
Morgan, Gabby, Kynlie, Neely - team freestyle
Meghan, Aliya, Denver, Kyleigh - team freestyle

Dante & Morgan - pairs freestyle
Kole & Dante - pairs double unders
Emily, Blake & Isabella - Double Dutch single freestyle
Meghan, Aliya, Denver, & Kyleigh - Double Dutch pairs freestyle​

Grand Worlds Double Dutch Triad Awards

Meghan, Aliya, Denver, & Kyleigh

Neely, Morgan, Kynlie, & Gabby

grand worlds

1st- Hannah, Hailey, Mallory, Jessica, & Caitlyn - Double Dutch Triad
1st- Caitlyn & Mallory - 2-wheel freestyle
2nd- Hannah & Hailey - 2-wheel freestyle
4th- Eric & Dante - 2-wheel freestyle
4th- Hannah, Jessica, Mallory, & Hailey - team freestyle
6th - Kyleigh & Denver - pairs freestyle

senior division

​Caitlyn & Mallory - 2-wheel freestyle
Hannah, Mallory, Caitlyn, & Hailey - Double Dutch pairs freestyle
Hannah, Hailey, Mallory & Jessica - team freestyle
Hannah, Hailey, Mallory, Jessica, & Caitlyn - Double Dutch triad​

Dante & Eric - 2-wheel freestyle

Eric, Kole, & Dante - Double Dutch single freestyle​

World champion 2 wheel freestyle

Caitlyn and Mallory

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World jumprope championship awards 2014

World champion double dutch triad

Caitlyn, Hailey, Hannah, Mallory, and Jessica