grand worlds

1st- Hannah, Hailey, Mallory, Jessica, & Caitlyn - Double Dutch Triad
1st- Caitlyn & Mallory - 2-wheel freestyle
2nd- Hannah & Hailey - 2-wheel freestyle
4th- Eric & Dante - 2-wheel freestyle
4th- Hannah, Jessica, Mallory, & Hailey - team freestyle
6th - Kyleigh & Denver - pairs freestyle

World champion 2 wheel freestyle

World champion double dutch triad

Caitlyn, Hailey, Hannah, Mallory, and Jessica

Pan American jumprope championship awards 2016

1st and 2nd team freestyle - Grand pan american awards

Pan American jumprope championship awards 2015

Meghan, Aliya, Denver, & Kyleigh

Neely, Morgan, Kynlie, & Gabby

Caitlyn and Mallory

World jumprope championship awards 2014

grand Pan american

2nd - Mallory and Taylor - Pairs Double Unders

2nd - Elise, Dante, Mallory, Taylor - Speed Relay

3rd - Elise - Single Freestyle

1st - Dante and Morgan - Pairs Freestyle

3rd - Grace and Elise - Pairs Freestyle

1st - Elise, Eric, Dante, Morgan - Team Freestyle

2nd - Blake, Emily, Meghan, Kynlie - Team Freestyle

2nd - Mallory, Jessica, Allison, Taylor - Team Freestyle

2nd - Denver, Kristen, Aliya - Double Dutch Single

2nd - Denver, Kristen, Aliya, Cayley - Double Dutch Pairs

taylor, jessica, allison, mallory

kynlie, meghan, emily, blake

senior division

​Caitlyn & Mallory - 2-wheel freestyle
Hannah, Mallory, Caitlyn, & Hailey - Double Dutch pairs freestyle
Hannah, Hailey, Mallory & Jessica - team freestyle
Hannah, Hailey, Mallory, Jessica, & Caitlyn - Double Dutch triad​

Dante & Eric - 2-wheel freestyle

Eric, Kole, & Dante - Double Dutch single freestyle​

Indy Air Bears Results

senior division

Dante and Allison - Pairs Double Unders​

Elise and Grace - Pairs Double Unders

Austin, Grace, Allison, Katie - Speed Relay

Eric and Kole - Pairs Freestyle

Grace and Elise - Pairs Freestyle

Eric and Dante - 2 Wheel

Elise, Allison, Dante - Double Dutch Single

Aliya, Denver, Gabby P, Cayley - Team Freestyle

Mallory, Jessica, Taylor - Double Dutch Single

Grace, Elise, Allison, Katie - Double Dutch Pairs


​Dante and Morgan - Pairs Freestyle
Aliya and Kristen - Pairs Freestyle
Austin, Katie, Morgan - Double Dutch Singles
Dante, Morgan, Eric, Elise - Team Freestyle
Aliya, Kristen, Denver, Cayley - Double Dutch Pairs
Katie, Elise, Allison, Grace - Double Dutch Pairs Speed

​​Dante, Mallory, Elise, Taylor - Speed Relay
Aliya, Morgan, Denver, Kole - Speed Relay
Cayley and Gabby P. - Pairs Freestyle
Elise and Allison - 2-Wheel
Mallory and Jessica - 2-Wheel
Aliya, Denver. Kristen - Double Dutch Singles

Katie and Austin - Pairs Double Unders

junior division

Blake - Single Freestyle

Blake and Emily - Pairs Freestyle

Blake and Isabella - 2 Wheel

Blake - 30 Second Speed

Blake, Emily, Meghan, Kynlie - Team Freestyle

Blake and Emily - Pairs Double Unders

Blake, Emily, Meghan, Kynlie - Double Dutch Single

dante, eric, morgan, elise

Cayley, denver, aliya, kristen

Grand Worlds Double Dutch Triad Awards

Welcome To The Home Of The Indy Air Bears

pan american  medalists

junior division

Blake & Isabella - 2-wheel freestyle
Denver & Kyleigh - 2-wheel freestyle
Blake, Emily, Sarrah & Isabella - team freestyle

Blake & Emily - pairs freestyle
Denver & Kyleigh - pairs freestyle
Kole, Morgan, Kynlie, Gabby - Double Dutch pairs freestyle
Morgan, Gabby, Kynlie, Neely - team freestyle
Meghan, Aliya, Denver, Kyleigh - team freestyle

Dante & Morgan - pairs freestyle
Kole & Dante - pairs double unders
Emily, Blake & Isabella - Double Dutch single freestyle
Meghan, Aliya, Denver, & Kyleigh - Double Dutch pairs freestyle​

Grand pan american awards