Welcome To The Home Of The Indy Air Bears

Double Dutch Triad:

Blake, Meghan, Denver, Kristen, Eric

Bronze Medalist​

Wheel Freestyle:

Dante, Eric

Double Dutch Single:

Morgan, Denver, Kristen

1st Double Dutch Pairs:

Katie, Allison, Elise, Grace

Silver Medalist

Double Dutch Single:

Katie, Allison, Taylor

1st Double Dutch Single:

​Elise, Grace, Eric

Gold Medalist

Wheel Freestyle: Elise, Grace

Team Freestyle: 

Allison, Katie, Morgan, Lilith

Pairs Freestyle: Elise, Grace

Pairs Freestyle: Eric, Taylor

Single Freestyle: Elise

Grand World Champions

Double Dutch Pairs:

Katie, Grace, Allison, Elise

Double Dutch Single:

​Gabby, Blake, Emily

Double Dutch Single: 

​Grace, Eric, Elise

Another successful year at

World Jump Rope Championship

and Camp!

1st Double Dutch Triad:

Katie, Morgan, Allison, Elise, Grace

Double Dutch Triad:

Morgan, Katie, Grace, Allison, Elise

1st Pairs Freestyle: Elise, Grace

Pairs Freestyle:  Blake, Emily

Wheel Freestyle:  Blake, Bella

Team Freestyle : Phelan, Ella, Jaylyn, Evelyn

3rd Pairs Freestyle:

Taylor, Eric.

2nd Double Dutch Single:

Allison, Taylor, Kaite